Webomega 2.0 Superlite

Are you looking for a website, your own space with elements that differentiate it?

Do you want a simple website, as simple as possible, without making it complicated to read and hooking you with just one look???

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Webomega 2.0 Superlite


One page website

Do you want an epic website that seduces and catches you?

I know the answer is yes, of course, although what you don't want is a super-large website that costs an arm and a leg, and even if you fall in love, seduce, captivate and be functional; qualities that on the other hand if you want; You don't need it, because deep down you know that a one-page website is enough for you, this is called: One Web Page And what technically differs from other types of websites is that all the content is on the same page, divided into sections.

You need advice, to capture your personality and everything you have as a person on your website, so that there is a differentiation, an Internet showcase where you can present your business. You also want it to be a clear reflection of all that you are.

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Only for a limited time you have the possibility to hire it for €380 VAT included. A unique and incomparable service that will awaken the deepest desires in your buyers.

Why should you choose me?

My experience

I have been developing websites with WordPress, Divi, and e-commerce for a long time, and I have experience making very professional designs at a low cost.

Avoid errors

Working with me will help you make the same mistakes we all do, I will guide you step by step all the way, enlightening you when necessary.

direct and sincere

It is preferable to tell you things as they are, than to imagine something that is not feasible, I will put my finger on the problem, if you hire me it is not to be your friend, it is for your website to be the best in the world, a website of I dream that it sells!

no technicalities

I explain everything that is necessary so that everyone understands it, without technicalities, going point by point, without leaving anything in the inkwell so that you can concentrate on what really matters.


My empathy towards you means getting involved with 150% for that project you have, I will give you emotional support when necessary, undertaking is not a bed of roses...

you come first

My customer service towards you is going to be sublime, I turn to you, to solve all the problems and inconveniences that arise

I define

I advise you on what will look best on your website, defining the website so that you fall in love


Design, I program a professional website with a modern design that represents your values

I redefine

When it seems that the design falls in love, attracts, excites, and makes your project a reality, I make it sublime

I build

I build pages with their own identity and integrated with professional marketing tools

Frequently asked questions

For whom it is?

It is for entrepreneurs, who are either starting out and need a guide to "enlighten" them, or for entrepreneurs who need to update their website.

Who is it not for?

It is not for non-entrepreneurs looking for a blog, who do not want a domain or hosting or want a free service.

What are the payment terms for Webomega 2.0 Superlite?

Payment through Paypal, which allows you to pay in 3 times without interest, payment by card or payment by transfer, in the event that you live in Zaragoza, you can also pay through the POS.

What wordpress plugins are included?

Divi, Join.Chat, Bloom, WP-Rocket, Google Site Kit, if there is Woocommerce eCommerce or similar, Akismet Anti-Spam, JetPack, Bloom, Monarch Plugin and many others. 

What is the general operation of Webomega 2.0?

Depending on the type of product, there may be 1, 3 or 4 sessions lasting about 60 minutes to give you and collect the necessary information. These meetings can be in person (as long as the COVID 19 situation allows it) or remotely, in each of the meetings I will give you an account of how the project is going and I will answer any questions you may have. At the beginning of the project, documentation is delivered in pdf via email.

What is the start date of the project?

Once you contact me, be it by WhatsApp, phone, email or via Zoom, I will ask you for all the documentation of the project and that same day is when I start to develop the project.

What is the minimum/maximum delivery time?

Depending on the chosen product, it can be 3-4 days, 7-10 days or 15-30 days for large projects.

Do I need knowledge in WordPress previously?

If you have them much better, although it is not necessary either, if you know WordPress it will be much faster and if not in the documentation that I will give you with the project there is a tutorial that explains the basics of WordPress.

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