Webepsilon 2.0

Webepsilon 2.0 is a comprehensive, customized, exclusive WordPress web maintenance service.
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Is your web maintenance outdated? Your website is down and has a critical error? Are the plugins you have out of date? Do you need urgent help? Try our Webepsilon maintenance *free* 1 month and if you like it contract it later.

What should you know before hiring your web maintenance service?

First, it is quite certain that if you are reading this, you are looking for a service to maintain your website since what you have found was very expensive or did not have the expected quality. Second, you are not at risk since you can try it for free for a whole month and see if it really interests you. Third, and this is a weighty argument, the services they have offered you have seemed very poor.


Third What goes into Webepsilon 2.0 for WordPress?


  • Plugin update
  • Ensure that we work with current and reliable plugins
  • Monitor load times through Google Search Console
  • Check that the state of the database is correct.
  • Protect the web against malware
  • Optimize image loading to get faster loading speed.
  • Check site health (PHP settings, delete unused themes to increase speed, check that the latest version of WordPress is running, PHP default timezone is valid, SQL Server updated, etc.)
  • Check broken links
  • Checking the template, if it is up to date, and removing unused templates.



3 months

premium option
  • Plugin Update + Load Times + Check Google Page Insights + Database Status + Image Load Optimization + Check Site Health + Check Broken Links + Template Update + Remove Unused Templates
  • 21% VAT included

  •  You save €57 by paying it quarterly!

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