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I'm David González de Luna, I'm a web designer, I use WordPress, Divi & Woocommerce for my designs, do you want a fantastic website???

I help entrepreneurs, businessmen and freelancers from all kinds of sectors (commerce, hospitality, freelance professionals...) to achieve:


  • Professional, dreamy, bewitching and passionate websites.
  • Websites that seduce and convert
  • Websites that rank on Google
  • In short, I help them to be proud of their websites, which are a fundamental part of their branding and differentiation strategy and help them attract sales.


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WordPress, Divi & WooCommerce


I use Divi, what is Divi? Divi is the world's most popular theme for WordPress and the best WordPress page builder. Divi takes WordPress to a whole new level with its incredibly advanced Visual Builder technology. The web is built visually, it is not necessary to have knowledge of programming or HTML (if you do, it is better, of course), they are super professional designs, very fresh pages that the entrepreneur can then learn in a simple and intuitive way. In addition to this, I use Woocommerce because it is the best electronic store solution that exists for WordPress, being fully adaptable with Divi.

  • Front End Development
  • Back-end development
  • UI/UX Design
  • business branding
  • SEO
  • Social media

My vision

At the time I worked as a freelance programmer specialized in Drupal and PHP, later I set up a cyber. Afterwards I have worked for many years for other companies. Until, fed up with the stress and the way big companies work, I decided to go back to being a freelance developer.


For this reason, I am well aware of the problems involved in starting or owning a company, getting a website that people visit, engage and translate into online sales. And I really enjoy helping other people with their projects and ventures with my experience.

Because undertaking means advancing along a new path, learning, innovating, being a better version of yourself. I am fulfilling my big dream, and you?, that has come true and I feel much freer, I have more time for my family, my wife, my daughter, I have time for everything, before I didn't have it, I was always in a hurry, now I don't. Now I'm happy. And I want to help you have a website that allows you to achieve it too.

What else? Apart from dedicating myself professionally to web design and some programming with Python, I am passionate about video games. Although between some things and others I don't have much time, because I have a girl and I love being with her.

I also spend part of my time walking whenever I can, and mountain biking when I can. And especially now that there is no longer COVID and you don't have to wear a mask, travel through Spain and Europe. For me there are two cities that I go to whenever I can, one is Rome and the other is Venice, and of course my city: Zaragoza.

I define

I advise you on what will look best on your website, defining the website so that you fall in love


Design, I program a professional website with a modern design that represents your values


When it seems that the design falls in love, attracts, excites, and makes your project a reality, I make it sublime

I build

I build pages with their own identity and integrated with professional marketing tools

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