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Specialized web design and development, tailored, exclusive just for you
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Web design and development

specialized, tailored, exclusive just for you

Hi, I'm David Gonzalez de Luna.

Freelance web designer/developer




You want a web that catches, to be attractive, bewitching that fall in love at first glance that reflect your personality doing that your brand is unique and memorable?


webomega 2.0

Web Omega 2.0 is an exclusive, tailored and personalized web design and development service with Divi that will allow you to have a .

WebZeta 1.0

WebZeta 1.0 Premium

Are you imagining how to create your own online platform for create, establish and develop online courses or masterclasses? Because you have great idea but you don't know how to develop it...

Web maintenance

Don't you have website maintenance? Is your website on its last legs, since it is out of date? Are your plugins outdated? Need help? Try our web maintenance *free* 1 month And if you like it hire him later.



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