Tu formulario Divi ultrarrápido, sencillo y explicado

Your ultra-fast, simple and explained Divi form

One of the things to succeed with your online business, is that this website that, surely is super cool, super fantastic and that surely, surely has a lot of visitors is to have a contact via a contact form in Divi. It is not complicated at all, regardless of the theme you have installed.

The first thing to do, as seen in the image above, you have to click on Contact Form. I am going to base myself, on the web of https://lunnula.com/ which I am currently building. When choosing a pre-made design, all we are going to do is change the form fields, add the data protection field and GDPR

Continuing with the process of modifying the form fields, we change the title of Yam to Name and surname, we do the same with E-mail giving name of Email and also with message putting up Message. Easy, right?

In order for the forms to be sent correctly and to reach our correo electrónico, we have to indicate the address of correo electrónico, and if we want to modify the pattern of the message, we must put the %% symbol twice at the beginning and end of each field, that is : if the field is Name, in order for it to be sent it must look like this: %%Name%%, and this with each form field. Obviously what you see in the image is just an example, which can be formatted however you want.

To summarize, creating a form with Divi is not complicated at all, as you have seen, it can be done in 4 or 5 steps, and you will already have a form that is functional, and in which your potential clients will contact you.

Do you want to learn WordPress with my free ebook?

Do you want to learn WordPress with my free ebook?

Sometimes I think, why did I get into this?

What I mean is, why did I come up with *the bright idea* to write an ebook?

The first, because it is a fantastic idea to make myself known, the second, and of that I am completely sure, I reach more people who might be interested in what I tell and say, and the third... because it was about time!

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