Botón Llamada a La Acción Divi, Simple, Fácil y Rápido

Call To Action Button Divi, Simple, Easy and Fast

Divi Call to Action Button, Simple Easy and Fast

What is a CTA button? A Divi call to action button, simple, easy and fast, is a button that mainly serves to attract potential customers to buy your product and thus convert them into final customers. It can be a button that guides your client to a subscription to a weekly, biweekly or monthly newsletter and thus achieve a conversion.

To create it, it is easy, very simple, follow a few steps and you will have it for your website, your ecommerce, etc... 

I explain, a little below, the steps that would have to be taken to create it, as I said before, it is not complicated at all


The first thing to do is go to the Appearance – Menus menu and from there, we create a custom link, which we are going to call Merchandising.


If when creating the custom link The CSS class option does not appear, we must go to the Menus page itself, click on screen options, as seen in the image.

Then, in the WordPress administration menu we can go to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS or go to Divi -> General tab and in General select the General tab again and there at the end of the page we have Custom CSS. That is where we must insert the CSS code

This is the code needed to create the button in the main menu that changes color when the mouse passes over.


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